Buttery Baked Artichokes

Have you ever bought fresh artichokes? Most people steer away from buying fresh artichokes due to their unapproachable demeanor and questionable preparation. Artichokes have an intimidating presence with sharp leaves that encompass a delicate “heart” inside. If you build up the courage to discover this delicate “heart” you will be pleased to find it is easy to prepare this adventurous vegetable! 

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What’s in your Easter basket?

As a parent, your responsibility to your child is to provide and nourish them to the best of your ability. I hope by reading this you will think twice about loading their easter basket with candy.

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Put the Lamb in the Coconut

And eat it all up!

Sometimes it is easy to fall into a routine of cooking the same dishes each week. I challenge you to try and add something new, whether it is a new vegetable or a new protein source!

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