What’s New With Diaita!

Just as the seasons change in nature, so does life.

Even though change can often bring on feelings of fear or uncertainty, it is an opportunity to continue to grow and evolve. Embracing change within our lives is reflective of a healthy lifestyle. I have been experiencing lots of changes in my life recently, some expected and some unexpected, but all beautiful and good! These transitions within my own life have encouraged a slight shift within Diaita Nutrition.

What’s New?

Family Focus

We will be focusing on empowering and supporting families to a healthy way of life by nourishing the body with real food! We will prepare you with the education and guidance needed to provide nourishing foods to your dinner table leaving your family happy, healthy, and satisfied. This can be a challenge when your dinner table is surrounded by different ages, dietary needs, and busy schedules. Diaita Nutrition’s family packages will address and support the health concerns, goals, and overall nutrient needs of everyone in your house. 

While working with clients I started to notice the ripple effect occurring. The advice and guidance I was providing my clients were not just helping them but also helping those in their household. My desire is that this ripple effect continues to influence and encourage others in their life to make better lifestyle choices.


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Functional Testing

One of the greatest additions Diaita Nutrition has to offer clients is functional lab testing and I am super excited about it!! I recently continued my education through Restorative Wellness Solutions and became a Restorative Wellness Practitioner. Sometimes just cleaning up the diet is not enough and the process of trial and error can be time-consuming and discouraging. The addition of functional lab testing allows us to identify the root cause of imbalance in the body through stool and blood tests! These tests are powerful tools which lead to a customized protocol designed to initiate and support true healing. Your specific protocol includes personalized dietary changes, targeted supplemental support, and specific lifestyle recommendations.

When working with clients to uncover the root cause of their complaints we always begin with addressing digestion. The functional tests offered will help us take a closer look at what exactly is going on inside the gut and identify food sensitivities. We can then eliminate foods the body is reacting to, irradicate any “bad bugs” present in the gut, and add healing nutrients to allow the body to heal and thrive. When completing a protocol that is designed based on your specific needs you will begin to see encouraging results. Clients have reported experiencing relief to their initial symptoms, such as improved digestion, increased and sustained energy, ability to maintain a healthy weight, and better quality of sleep.


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We live in a time where most of us are running around in a stressful state. Many of us are rushing around to get from point A to point B, eating on the go, and always thinking of our never-ending “To Do” lists. When was the last time you stopped everything you were doing and just took a couple deep breaths? Why not do it right now?! Put your phone down or take your hands off the computer, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. As you inhale feel your lungs fill up with air and notice how your ribs expand within your body. Slowly exhale and empty your lungs completely. Maybe you felt some tension melt away down your shoulders, I know I did! Guess what, you just did yoga! Yoga isn’t all about the fancy poses you see on Instagram, yoga is pausing the fluctuations of the mind. Your breath is a powerful tool and when you pair it with intential movement you just might find a sense of calm and empowerment, giving you a break from the stress building up inside. There are many physiological processes that depend on us being in a relaxed state to keep our body functioning properly and optimally.  Digestion, healing, and repair within the body rely on the switch from a stressful state to a relaxed state. Learning to take time for yourself, slowing down, and truly connecting with your physical body is a powerful form of healing.

I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training through Kindness Yoga in Denver, CO. Health is not only about what you are eating but there is also a physical and mental component. My personal yoga practice has helped bring balance into my life. Taking time out of my day to focus on me, clear my busy mind, and move my body in a way that brings joy and strength. I am thrilled to guide others through an intentional yoga practice in hopes they will experience the many benefits it can provide. I am available in the San Diego area for private classes. 


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The most exciting change is that I am pregnant! We are expecting a baby girl in January. This pregnancy has been a reminder of why I got into the field of nutrition. I always knew at some point I wanted to have children and I knew I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself, especially when I was pregnant. As I have been going through this process I have learned so much about proper nutrition during pregnancy along with letting go of the idea of perfection! I had a vision of what pregnancy would look like in my life, and it is not at all what I pictured. I have been reminded that we are ALL individually unique, especially when it comes to pregnancy. There is no way to predict what symptoms you will experience, if what worked for one person will work for another, and so on. This is a time to connect to yourself and the baby growing inside of you, to let go of expectations, and to not compare yourself to other momma’s.

There is a great responsibility on us to properly nourish children but unfortunately there is a lack of education and emphasis on its importance. That is why I am passionate about sharing all that I learn in hopes to bridge the gap of proper education around feeding our children. There are many phases in the development of a child and they all play a part in their overall health. Starting with a momma-to-be’s health before she is even thinking of conceiving and the father’s health during conception which is commonly overlooked. Making sure certain nutrients are being consumed during pregnancy, proper care and nourishment after the baby is born to support mother’s healing, dietary support during breastfeeding or choosing the best formula, baby’s first foods, dealing with picky eaters, and so on. Setting your child up with the proper foundations of health is so important. Once your kids are on their own and making their own food choices you want to know you have set them up for success and they will go on to grow well-nourished families! It is never too late to start making dietary changes that will improve your child’s quality of life and yours, so let Diaita Nutrition help!!


With all of these changes occurring in my own life, I have learned a lot and I am continuing to learn. I want to share this knowledge with you and support others in the same situation, wanting to grow a healthy and happy family!


Embrace change! Maybe it is time for some changes in your own life?


Please let me know if I can help with any changes you wish to make

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I look forward to sharing with you all!